Python and Multigrid Courses at Tartu

I gave the following two courses when visiting Eero Vainikko at the University of Tartu.

Python for Scientific Computing

A tutorial given at the University of Tartu on Thursday 22 November 2007.

Slides python.pdf

Example Code

Multilevel Methods for HPC

Mainly an introduction to multigrid methods.

Two lectures on Friday 23 and Tuesday 27 November 2007. Practical session on Wednesday 28 November 2007.

Lecture notes multigrid_lecture.pdf

Figures multigrid_extra.pdf

Programming task multigrid_task.pdf

The lectures were presented on the blackboard. I did show the slides with figures in class. The lecture note slides are based on the notes I used for the blackboard lectures.

You can use the following files for inspiration for the programming task. Do not expect them to run though. This is extracted from my own implementation. Take everything with a grain of salt. Some naming conventions and data structures are different than in the description, for example. Also, do not assume that the code is correct. It is just provided to help you on your way.

Some code multigrid_task.tar.gz

Sources for the slides and the above code (in subdirectory task) 2007-11-22_tartu.tar.gz

These sources are also available from the (browseable) darcs repository 2007-11-22_tartu